Auto Battery Replacement & Service in Melbourne

A car battery is an essential component of your vehicle and interacts with a lot of other components in your car. Replacing a damaged battery should be done only by professionals like Speedway Automotives, or it can result in disaster.

The car battery is the electrical hub of your vehicle. It stores electricity while the vehicle is running, and this power is used for every single electrical component of your vehicle. Apart from powering these components, the battery also ensures that it is steady and can start when you need it and keep running. With the increase in electronics in cars over the years, the importance of a good car battery has increased considerably. Hence, choosing the correct car battery replacement is more important than ever.

Battery Replacements

Battery Classifications

There are several types of car batteries, and the decision of choosing the right one should be made only after considering certain key factors. You need to talk to a good auto battery replacement centre like Speedway Automotives before deciding and their knowledge and expertise will come in handy. The major things to consider while looking for a battery replacement are:

  • Battery technology: The type of vehicle and your driving style can demand different batteries. It is important to consult with your mechanic before choosing a deep cycle or starting type AGM battery.
  • Group size: It refers to the battery size according to the physical dimension, terminal location, and type as per your vehicle. The battery size is primarily dependent on the vehicle model and engine type.
  • The CCA rating: The Cold Cranking Amps or CCA is a rating used in the battery industry to describe the ability of a battery to start in cold temperatures. It is a measurement of the number of amps a 12-volt battery can deliver at 0 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 seconds while maintaining a minimum of 7.2 Volts.
  • Reserve Capacity, Amp Hour and C20: Reserve capacity or RC is an indicator of how long a new and charged battery will operate the essential accessories of a car when the alternator fails. C20 and Amp hour are indicators to the amount of energy stored.

Replace Your Car Battery by Experts in Melbourne

You must visit an expert for changing car battery who has the necessary expertise to determine the best battery for your vehicle and driving conditions. Speedway Automotives is a reputed battery replacement service provider in Melbourne with over 30 years of service. Call us on (03) 9706 7227 to book a battery replacement.


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