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The exhaust system and the muffler are important components of your vehicle that perform vital functions.The exhaust system drives the harmful fumes from your engine to the outside. A damaged engine might mean that the exhaust stays near the engine, and this means engine deterioration. But the most dangerous aspect of a damaged exhaust system is the building up of carbon monoxide fumes inside the passenger cabin.

An effective exhaust system will also reduce emissions and improve fuel consumption. Hence, it is wise to regularly visit your exhaust and muffler mechanic for maintenance and exhaust repair.

When to visit an exhaust repair shop?

The warning signs that warrant a visit to your auto exhaust repair service are:

Exhausts Specialist
  • Vibration: If you notice abnormal vibrations and loss of power, an exhaust system repair might be in order. Visit the technicians at Speedway Automotives – wewill diagnose the problem efficiently.
  • Loud Exhaust Noise: A damaged exhaust pipe or muffler can increase the revving sound of your vehicle. It is important to get minor repairs done as soon as possible because leaving them untouched will lead to major repairs.
  • Poor Fuel efficiency: If you’re not getting the most out of the fuel added, your exhaust system might be damaged. Repair it right away or burn a hole in your pocket for fuel.

What is a muffler?

Muffler softens the sound created by the engine of your car. The actual noise produced by your car engine is so much louder than what you hear. Just ask the neighbours of the kid who removed the muffler on his car. The muffler is made of a series of tubes and chambers that ingeniously reflect the sound waves, so they cancel each other out. But certain mufflers produce characteristic sounds that the driver needs and is quite popular with vehicle modification enthusiasts.

Mufflers also play a role in the overall performance of the car. Engines can produce more power if the exhaust gases are removed quickly and mufflers often restrict the flow and slow down the engine slightly.

Mufflers naturally wear out over time, and you will know when your muffler is damaged. So will your neighbours and the people a few blocks away.

Complete Muffler & Exhaust Service for Your Car

It is important to replace or repair the mufflers immediately at a good exhaust and muffler shop unless you want the police to catch you. Book an appointment with Speedway Automotives for the best service in Melbourne. Call us on (03) 9706 7227.


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