Timely Timing Belt Replacements in Hampton Park

At Speedway Automotives, what sets us apart from a regular car service and repair shop is our dedication and sheer enthusiasm, when it comes to automobiles. Driven by passion, we are equipped with the best-skilled car service mechanics and equipment, making us the best car spa in Hampton Park. We offer an array of services including Tyres and wheel balancing, Timing belt replacement, Roadworthy check and repairs, Pre-purchase inspection, Power steering repair, Fleet vehicle maintenance, Cooling system flush, Clutch repairs and replacement.

The mileage is one of the most important features of a car and the timing belt plays a very vital role in it. Knowing when to replace the timing belt is key in preventing car damage. According to car manufacturers and experienced mechanics, the regular inspection and replacement should be after every 96,000 kilometres. The timing belt, when in its best condition, provides minimal vibration and chordal effect and high mechanical efficiency. It improves efficiency in the power transmission, reduces noise, resists chemicals and contaminants, provides weight savings more.

Importance of car timing belt replacement –

  1. Increase in Horse Power – A timing belt in great condition will increase the acceleration and horsepower when you hit the gas pedal. You will be surprised by the power of your engine after replacing the timing belt.
  2. Better Fuel Economy – Replacing the timing belt when needed will drastically increase your gas mileage. With the crankshaft and camshaft properly adjusted the valves of your vehicle will guarantee great combustion whenever you are driving.
  3. Low repair costs – The cost of replacing a car timing belt can be high but the expenses incurred on the damages caused by a faulty time belt is even more such as to the valves, water pump or even to the engine as a whole. So a timely timing belt replacement would be a wise and economical decision.

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