Your Brake and Clutch Expert in Keysborough

Dealing with all the prominent makes, models and brands of cars, Speedway Automotives has become the foremost name in all car care and repair needs in the suburbs of Keysborough. With over thirty years in the industry, we are known for providing unparalleled service using the most modern technology and able car mechanics. We are the penultimate spot for all car needs – tyres and wheel balancing, timing belt replacement, roadworthy check and repairs, 4wd service & repairs, pre-purchase inspection, power steering repair, fleet vehicle maintenance, cooling system flush, clutch repairs and replacement, to name a few.

Your Complete 4WD Service Center in Keysborough

At Speedway, we are not merely mechanics, but car enthusiasts who have closely observed and studied the mechanics of a vehicle. We know how significant it is for drivers to have their vehicle’s braking system periodically checked, and by doing that, we ensure that your vehicle will stop when it needs to and it can often save our customers’ money by identifying and replacing brake parts before they damage extensively. We also ensure the safety and quality levels of your clutch when you bring your car for servicing.

When to get your brakes checked

  • Squealing or unusual sound while applying brakes.
  • Grinding or bumpy sensation.
  • The car pulls to one side when you press the brakes.
  • Sticky or tight brakes.

Brake and Clutch services with us

  • Replacement of Brake Pads
  • Replacement of Disc and Drum Brakes
  • Replacement of Rotors
  • Flush and Replacement of Brake Fluid
  • Resurfacing the Drum Brakes
  • Repairs and Replacement of Brake Lines
  • Repairs of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Repairs of Clutch components
  • Replacement of Clutch Plates
  • Replacement of entire Clutch Kit

With Speedway Automotives, the brakes will be assessed to ensure the complete safety of your vehicle. We have a fully stocked warehouse of quality brake kits procured from renowned brands. We can replace, service and maintain your disc pads, disc rotors, brake shoes, hydraulic cylinders and more. Our team of passionate, experienced and fully-certified car surgeons have intensive knowledge, which allows them to quickly and correctly solve your problems.

For more details on our brake and clutch services, visit our website at You can reach us at (03) 9706 7227 or write to us at

(03) 9706 7227


Speedway Automotives & Mr Muffler Dandenong have been in the automotive service industry for over 30 years; with that comes experience, trust and building relationships. Trust is very important for customers and vehicle owners. Who would you trust with the safety and well being of your car? Our highly trained motor mechanics have the knowledge and can meet all your vehicle requirements and provide you with peace of mind.