Roadworthy Check & Pre-Purchase Inspection in Melbourne

What is a roadworthy certificate?

A roadworthy certificate is something that is generally needed when you are trying to re-register a vehicle or sell a vehicle. It helps to reduce the number of poorly maintained vehicles on the road and increase traffic safety. Roadworthy certificates are also needed to clear defect notices, which state that your vehicle is not roadworthy. You should visit a certified professional roadworthiness inspection centre like Speedway Automotives to get roadworthy inspection done and your car repaired if needed.

A roadworthy inspection will check the following components of your car:

Roadworthy Certificate
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Brakes, suspension, and steering
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Windscreen and glasses
  • Wipers and washers
  • Lights and reflectors
  • The structural integrity of the vehicle
  • Other safety-related components like chassis, engine, and body

A certificate that states the car has undergoneroadworthy check and repairs is essential for selling or buying a used vehicle.

What is a Pre-purchase Inspection service?

Purchasing a used vehicle is often fraught with risk. Before the purchase is made final, buyers often choose to have a pre-purchase inspection. This is done by a certified mechanic or automotive technician who has good knowledge about the make and model of the vehicle in question. It reveals existing conditions and maintenance shortcomings, which has the potential to cause financial or safety issues for the buyer in the future.

Difference between roadworthy check and pre-purchase inspection

The pre-purchase inspection is usually paid for by the buyer and is different from a roadworthiness certificate in many ways. It is a much more detailed and thorough inspection of the vehicle and is valid for longer than the roadworthy certificate. It is higher in cost as well as it requires more manpower and effort but ultimately can save the buyer from financial disaster. You should conduct the pre-purchase car inspection at a reputed and certified used car inspection service centre like Speedway Automotives to get the best and clearest picture about the condition of the car you are going to buy.

Speedway Automotives for Affordable Car Roadworthy Test and Used Car Inspection Service

Our services in Melbourne are best in class and boast a roster of exceptionally trained and experienced technicians who carry out roadworthy check and repairs and pre-purchase inspections. Call us right now to book your appointments at (03) 9706 7227. Alternatively, you can contact us via mail at for booking.


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