The Best Auto Cooling System Service in Noble Park

Exemplary services and customer obsession defines the hallmark of Speedway Automotives. Our ASE certified and experienced experts know their vehicles in and out, making them capable of handling all makes, models and brands of cars. At Speedway, we lay great importance on the quality of our services and hence onboard only the best of latest machinery and branded spare parts and products. We undertake all car service and repair needs – Tyres and wheel balancing, Timing belt replacement, Roadworthy check and repairs, Pre-purchase inspection, Power steering repair, Fleet vehicle maintenance, Cooling system flush, Clutch repairs and replacement, and more.

The engine is the cardinal part of any vehicle and the presence of the engine coolant is imperative in maintaining the optimum temperature of the engine, which is susceptible to overheating. However, the coolant comes with an expiration date. Upon expiring, it loses its protective features, which can result in rust and corrosion within the system, ultimately leading to an overheated engine. Our team of mechanics are experts in servicing your cooling system.

Steps in a cooling system flush

  • Draining – The first step in conducting cooling system service is draining the old coolant/water mixture. This is important because after many kilometres of use it can get contaminated with particles that can damage the system and the engine.
  • Thermostat Check – If the vehicle has high mileage, it is advisable to replace the thermostat during the cooling system flush. This is because an aging thermostat is more likely to fail, which could result in an incident of overheating.
  • System Analysis – The technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of the cooling systems hoses and other parts to identify any potential trouble. If a problem or possible problem is present they will inform the owner of the vehicle and suggest repairs or replacement.
  • Refill – Once replacements and repairs are done, the system will be refilled with the proper antifreeze/water mixture, ensuring long miles without the worry of overheating.

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