The Best Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection in Dandenong

With over three decades of pioneering expertise in the car service and repair sector, Speedway Automotive is the one-stop-shop destination for all car needs in Dandenong. Employing skilled technicians, state-of-the-art equipment and branded spare parts and products, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the industry. We provide an array of services including Tyre and wheel balancing, Timing belt replacement, Pre-purchase inspection, Power steering repairs, Fleet vehicle maintenance, Cooling system flush, Alternators and starter motors works, 4wd service and repairs, Engine changeover and more.

A recognized car service station, we are famed for our pre-purchase vehicle evaluation services. It consists of a detailed evaluation by a qualified expert to determine the aesthetic, mechanical, and safety conditions of a vehicle before doing a purchase. This kind of inspections are done by a certified car mechanic technician who is well versed in the make and model of the vehicle that is being inspected. The purpose is to either uncover existing faulty conditions or to find out maintenance issues that may become a potential safety concern in the future.

Auto Tyres & Wheel Balancing & Air-Con Service in Dandenong

A pre-purchase inspection is highly essential while purchasing a vehicle without a warranty, or when the vehicle is stationed in another city. In the absence of a warranty, the buyer has to bear all the risks of a breakdown or a major mechanical issue. Owing to this, a qualified car inspection makes financial sense. Vehicles from other cities present additional trials when the buyer is unable to take it on a test drive. You can arrange it with our centre in the particular suburb where the seller can drop the vehicle off for a few hours. The resulting report gives the buyer added assurance during a long-distance transaction.

A basic evaluation inspection will be mostly visual, which includes placing the car on a hydraulic lift and checking for leaks or broken parts. A more involved inspection will include a detailed road test where segments such as steering and brakes can be assessed. A thorough inspection will include checking engine compression and a computer engine analysis.

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Speedway Automotives & Mr Muffler Dandenong have been in the automotive service industry for over 30 years; with that comes experience, trust and building relationships. Trust is very important for customers and vehicle owners. Who would you trust with the safety and well being of your car? Our highly trained motor mechanics have the knowledge and can meet all your vehicle requirements and provide you with peace of mind.