Timing Belt Change and Replacement in Melbourne

A timing belt is a rubber belt which synchronises the camshaft and crankshaft actions to makes sure the valves are safely moving and engine running. This is often seen in new vehicles, whereas in older vehicles the timing belt may be in a chain form. The timing belt is an important component of your vehicle, and you should get it replaced when damaged.

Unluckily though, you won’t know exactly when you need to visit the shop for a timing belt change as the failure will be sudden and immediate. Your engine will stop or lose significant power once this happens. A timing belt can usually go for about 160,000 miles before needing replacement. It is to be noted that if the water pump goes bad, a timing belt replacement is usually needed, as the belt should be removed to reach the water pump.

Radiator and Cooling System Repair

When Would You Need Radiator Repairs?

A cooling system that fails will result in an overheated car,causing tremendous damage to the engine. The cooling system consists of the radiator, water pump, and thermostat, in addition to a myriad of belts and hoses. Every car owner should look for the following signs that warrant cooling system repair:

  • High temperature: You might notice that your car temperature gauge is showing high temperature. Don’t ignore it and shut off your engine immediately.
  • Hood steaming: An overheating engine can also be recognised by a steaming engine hood. Contact your mechanic immediately once you stop the engine.
  • Coolant Leak: If you notice a bright green liquid under your vehicle, call your auto mechanic right away.

What Is a Cooling System Flush?

A cooling system flush or a radiator flush is sort of a blood transfusion for your cooling system. It flushes newer and cleaner water and antifreeze through the system to get rid of the old ones and removes contaminants along the way. A full flush will remove all persisting contaminants and prevent the newer liquids from contamination. An overheating engine can suggest the need for a cooling system flush. Sometimes, your engine will overheat even when the coolant level seems normal, and in such a case, it is a good idea to flush the radiator.

Car Radiator Repairs and Service in Melbourne

With over three decades of service in the automotive industry, Speedway Automotives strives for nothing but excellence for all their customers. We have trained and experienced technicians who can repair radiators, perform a cooling system flush, and conduct timing belt replacements for your car and affordable prices. Book an appointment by calling us on (03) 9706 7227.


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