More Power to Power Steering Repairs at Rowville

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Car Pre-Purchase Inspection & Air-Con Service in Rowville

Your car’s power steering system is like the navigating and guiding tool that directs the movement of the car. It uses hydraulic force to multiply the energy produced by the steering wheel, making it easy and safe to turn. The main reason why power steering systems stop working is that one of several vital components fails. This leads to a lack of hydraulic pressure and difficulty in turning your vehicle.

Reasons for Power Steering breakdown

  1. Power steering fluid leaking
  2. Power steering pump not working
  3. Snapped power steering drive belt
  4. Damaged power steering hoses
  5. Power Steering fails Warrant of Fitness

Making sure that your power steering fluid is always adequate is a key essential in maintaining your power steering system. If your car does not have enough fluid, it can cause the power steering pump to go dry and damage the pump and the entire system. Ensure that there are no leaks in the power steering hoses because a leak can cause the power steering system to fail and cause damage to the power steering pump. This is why it is so important to have your power steering system thoroughly inspected by a mechanic at Speedway Automatics.

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